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Our Investors

K&S Capital is proud to have formed strong relationships both across and outside of the greater Baltimore area. We’ve worked with local entrepreneurs, investment firms and global corporations. Whether you just moved to the area, are considering relocating your business here or are looking for a new investment opportunity, our team stands ready to assist. We would be honored to add you to our list of clients.

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why invest with k&s

Long Term Approach
We take a long-term approach with the market. Rather than aiming to reap dividends within a month, we focus on what our clients will gain 5- 10 years from now.

focus on Diversification
Most investment companies focus on a single asset type. We hedge our portfolio with different assets to offset the riskier ones in different asset classes.

Choice of property type
We’re also focused on manufacturing companies, which are needed for everyday essentials.

focus on smaller investors
The company offers a boutique style investment platform for smaller investors, so that savvy businessmen from all sectors can profit from Baltimore real estate.

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